Q: How long does it take to design a website?

A: The time it takes to build a website depends on how complex the website needs to be. Simple websites can be built and launched within a week, whereas dynamic and elaborate websites require more work and take longer to build.

Q: Will I be able to edit my own website?

A: Yes, we will provide you with a Content Management System which will enable you to edit your own website.

Q: Will my website work on non-flash browsers, like iPads and mobile phones etc?

A: Yes, all of our new website designs are created to work and look exactly the same on all browsers and devices.

Q: What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A: Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of your website in a search engine’s  search results. Web designers can use certain techniques which help to move your website above other sites on the natural, (non-paid for) listings across the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Q: What qualifications does Jess have in Web Design?

A: Jess took a keen interest in Photography and Art at high school, which led her to study Interactive Media at The University of Wales in 2005. In 2008, Jess was awarded a First Class Honours Degree and became a Bachelor of Arts.

Since University, Jess has continued to learn and build on her skills in the Web Design field. In 2010 Jess enrolled at the Search Engine College where she learnt the secrets of search engine optimisation.